There came the time when Kosmoenergetica, from the practice of knowledge and skillfulness began to turn into the practice of initiation and attunement. Very many of the Kosmoenergetists in their work focus on more powerful waves, rather than on own skills. Instead of mastering the techniques, they prefer new initiations (the more the better). The training with the waves has given way to the expectation that the teacher or some other higher powers will “give” the ability to see auras, perceive directly the waves or to be clairvoyant. Definitely, not all Kosmoenergists are like that, but this nevertheless has its place.

Such an approach to Kosmoenergetica naturally leads to the decrease in efficiency of practitioners, slow down or even the full stop of the development of abilities, loss of knowledge and the ability to implement useful methodologies.

The amount of techniques that a Kosmoenergist can master is not too vast. They are: tactile diagnostics, work with the cocoon, energy centers and the meridians, energetic cuts, the motor-and-well technique, opening of the lotus and shoulder straps, cleaning of the head, energetic tourniquet and wave arcs.

But there is also the technique called “Write-off”. This technique will be the subject of this chapter.

Any Kosmoenergist, having the experience of working with other people, every now and then comes across energetic programs. These may be various hooks (they can be considered as programs too), various types of love spells against and for someone, blocking of energy centers, zombifying and other programs that suppress the will, and all other types of harmful spells.

When these things are found in the energy system with the help of tactile diagnostics, the question of how to remove them, arises. Keep in mind that the recovery of the system can be done only after all the of the negatively influencing factors have been removed.

There aren’t too many options of how to remove external information from the field of the person:

  • by using magical waves,
  • by transferring it onto someone else or onto yourself (the transfer of negative energy from one person to another is obviously black magic, and is not part of the Kosmoenergetic ethics)
  • by transferring it onto some material object.

The “Write-off” technique is the technique of transferring magical programs from the energy of a person onto a non-living object, such as paper. In village type of magic, there can be found very many similar procedures, such as using chicken eggs to remove illnesses, using melted wax and many other. Some of you may have heard of this.

These techniques require no initiation, and they resemble a ritual that anyone can perform. While technically, you don’t need any initiations for them, their performance is not as ritualistic as it may seem at first glance. Let’s have a deeper look into in.

For write-off, we take a sheet of paper, and we draw two pentacles (stars), pointing them away from the center of the paper outwards. They symbolise the “isolation” of the sheet of paper from everything else. Their role is to be the locks of information that is written off. We take a pen or a pencil.

Next, we focus on the person of whom we are going to write off the magic program. We have located the program in the energy of the person, and as we are drawing all kinds of curly lines on the paper, we imagine that the information is transferred from the person onto the sheet of paper.

In other words, we let go our awareness and we allow our hand to randomly draw in between the pentacles. We try not to take our hand off the paper. While doing this our focus is on the program located in the energy of that person that we are writing off.

If the piece of paper has little free space left, but the program is still seen in the field of the client, we take a new sheet of paper. We repeat the process until the negativity is completely gone from the energy.

After the program has been completely written off, we fold the pieces of paper so that the sides with the drawings would be folded to the inside. We then burn the paper. Alternatively we can give the paper to the client if he/she won’t open them and look inside (there is the risk of having the program restored).

How is this method useful for Kosmoenergists that are attuned with magical waves? Sometimes, there are magical programs that are localised in one area, but have their roots growing from a completely different area. After cleaning these program with waves, they may be restored. In other words, it is quite difficult to clean them completely only with waves. Write off in this case has shown itself to be quite effective.

If we have “picked up” the program with our focus, and have began to transfer it onto paper, we keep doing it until the information has completely left the client onto the paper, until its very roots.

This technique can be done remotely, using a phantom image. The procedure is the same as if the client would be physically in front of us.

When is write-off pointless? When there is a possession – an entity cannot be written off; when the field is dirty – dirt is not written off; when there are magic programs that we cannot locate in the field.

Therefore, once again, it is crucial to be able to perform tactile diagnostics well. It is also desirable that you develop your energetic vision (ability to see auras), because in this case write-off will be also a very effective technique, saving the Kosmoenergist time and energy.

Important! Write-off can be performed only off other people (you CANNOT do it off yourself), and only when we have found something as a result of diagnostics or using auric vision. We cannot write off something that we assume or are guessing about.

Hopefully, everything was clear in this chapter. In the case that it wasn’t, I recommend to talk to your teacher about it.