Wells in Kosmoenergetica

In the beginning of Kosmoenergetica studies, any teacher will explain about wells, ways to open and close them, and their function. The topic of wells never causes additional difficulties or questions, but that doesn’t prove its simplicity.

Here I would like to fully disclose this topic, so that each Kosmoenergist would know how wells work, and what their purpose is. One of our goals is to shift actions done in an automatic fashion into something done with full awareness. This is why all aspects need to be discussed and explained, starting from the very basics.

Wells – are instruments, used in Kosmoenergy sessions, for the disposal of dirty energy.

One of the most important steps of a Kosmoeenrgetic session is the process of cleaning energy of dirt. Usually this is done using the wave Firast. This wave is used to work with the entire Cocoon and the meridians. Under the influence of Firast, dirt in the energy begins to burn, but it doesn’t happen all the way. Some of the dirt under the influence of the waves “drips” from the energetic field down to the legs.

For clarity, let’s look at one analogy. Imagine a handful of snow, make a snowball out of it, and put it on top of a radiator. Under the influence of heat, the snowball will begin to melt. But before it melts completely, it might slide off of the radiator. We all have been kids, and we probably have done this kind of experiment. The reason for this is that a melting snowball creates water, and water, acting here as a lubricant, reduces the amount of friction, and the half-melted snowball slides off.

In the case of energy, human dirt behaves the same way the water in the analogy does. By actively being burnt off, the dirt loses its grip on the human energy field, and under the pressure of the waves (or gravity, but this assumption is debatable), slides down.

The Cocoon is more pointed on the bottom than it is on the top. Maybe some of you already know this. Its shape looks like an egg, having the flat side on the top, and the sharper side at the bottom. When the dirt slides down to the legs, it leaves the field of that person, spreading to the surrounding area. This cleaning process inevitably causes the pollution of space.

So, in order for this not to happen, wells are used. Using a visualisation and our intention, we imagine a lid under the legs, which we move using that intention. We open the well.

In Kosmoenergetica, we talk about three different types of wells. We will discuss them soon. For now we should understand the concept of opening any of the wells.

When cleaning has finished, we close the well the same way that we opened it, but backwards. The visualised lid is returned back to its place, and the well is closed. All of this is quite easy to imagine. You have visualised the well open – the well works, you have visualised the well close – the well has stopped working.

Usually, all students understand how this is done, but not many ask “why does this work?” Not many, but some do as ask this. But why does it work? You don’t need to be a genius to understand that in reality there is no well. It is impossible to fall there, or to throw a coin down and hear it ring; you can’t even put you head through. However, it is a fact that dirt does flow into it, regardless of whether the well is opened on the ground level, or 20m above the ground. Why? What happens if the well isn’t closed? And if we open the well on the 7th floor, what happens to the neighbours living on the 6th floor?

You can ask many questions here. It is unfortunate, but not many of the students ask these questions. It resembles “swallowing” the information without “chewing” it, and never thinking about what they are doing in reality. By the way, they are doing their teachers a favour this way, since many of them probably have never thought about these questions either. The unwillingness to understand the essence of Kosmoenergetica is also very unfortunate.

In any case, let’s get deeper into understanding the mechanisms related to working with wells.

Every human is always in contact with the Earth (astronauts in space are excluded). Even though it may sound obvious, but the energy of Earth is a lot bigger than that of humans. And just like the human, it extends far beyond its physical body.

It can be said that, living on Earth, we are always in contact with its energy. When we are sitting, lying, walking, running, swimming, playing computer games, gossiping with friends, making money – always. Just like any energetic contact, our interaction with Earth can have a few different scenarios:

  1. Contact with minimal interaction. This kind of contact can be seen in people with low “grounding” – dreamers, poets, artists and the like. It can be said that this kind of contact lacks actual contact with the Earth. The energy comes in contact, but no interaction occurs. People with this type of contact usually have cold feet; they don’t have very strong energetics on the layers closest to the physical body, and their health and the level of physical activity is low as well.
  2. Strong interaction with a balance. With this type of contact we are open to the Earth’s energy coming at us. People with this energy usually feel good on Earth, they have an active and strong energy, high immunity, and they don’t know what it means to be energetically exhausted. Even when tired physically, they are always ready to do something new and exciting. This is related to the fact that the energy of Earth is always feeding them. They are open to it and they allow it to be consumed. These people can be athletes, farmers, sport tourists, etc.
  3. Strong interaction with a disbalance. The more these people are in contact with the Earth, the more they lose their own energy. Usually they quickly join the first category of contact, and thus they cancel out their own contact as well. Fortunately, these people are very rare. There are little of them, and in general, their ability to be in such a contact with Earth – is the result of some deep energetic or psychological trauma.

These are the three ways of contacting with the energy of our planet. They were described somewhat in an absolute way. Keep in mind that the three can be mixed together with one dominating over another one. Most often, people will know nothing about themselves in this context.

Let’s return back to the wells. When we are working with human energy (including with water), by visualizing the opening well, we with our intention are changing the level of contact of that human with the energy of Earth. It happens because we are locally changing the properties of our planet’s energy (a few square cm or m), while projecting onto it the desired properties. From neutral energy we turn it into energy that “sucks” more, rather than energy that is “giving”. Basically, any person can do this, but as experience has shown, the intention of a Kosmoenergist has a stronger effect on the changing properties of energy.

An opened well (any type) – is always a local offset of properties of Earth’s energy into the direction of suction of energy located around it.

The image of an opening well is only a way to tell in what form and how much should the planet be consuming energy in that area.

In Kosmoenergetica, as it has already been mentioned, we talk about three different types of wells.

Active well. Visualised as space filled with a fog, without seen walls and without a bottom. It is assumed that an active well leads to the center of the Earth. It is not hard to guess, that the mental image of a fog indicates that there is some kind of matter present under the person. This fog in the mental image plays the role of an isolator. Dirt goes right through it and into the depth of the planet’s energy. The clean energy does not go anywhere – the fog prevents it from leaving.

For clarity, let’s take as an example a sieve. Using a sieve, we can wash grain, in which the dirt will pass through the holes, and the grain won’t. The same thing happens here – the heavy energy (dirt) passes through the holes, and the clean doesn’t.

Nevertheless, we remember that dirt is also energy, and therefore with the loss of dirt we are losing energy. On the physical level the loss of dirt can lower blood pressure, which is critical, if we are working with a person that has hypotension. This is why we always compensate cleaning with energy refilling. Hopefully, everyone understands this.

Fire well. Visualised as a space filled with tongues of fire, with no sides or bottom of the well visible. Used for helping people to get rid of possessions from energetic parasites – entities. It can be seen from the mental image that the suction does not happen passively, but rather with with breaking off pieces from large lumps of negative energy.

So, the fire well sucks in dirt, and breaks off pieces from formed low vibration energy. In the process of cleaning off possessions – exorcism – the entity is not only affected by cleaning waves, but also by the well. The well adds an amount of discomfort because it breaks pieces of the entity and sucks them in.

The fire well is the change of energy of the planet simultaneously towards suction and towards an impact, in which it delivers the properties of the fire element through the Kosmoenergist’s intention.

Black well. Space of absolute darkness under the person. Once again, no sides and no bottom is visible. This well is not used because its essence is to locally change the energy of Earth to full and absolute suction. Any type of energy is sucked, regardless of its properties, characteristics, etc. When opening the black well, we are jeopardizing the whole area and the people around it, including ourselves.

This won’t cause a cataclysm of global scale, but in any case, these kinds of experiments should be done only in the presence of a competent teacher with auric vision.

In the context of Kosmoenergetica, we talk about the black well only to be aware of it, so that the student would know that such exists. Some waves also cause the black well to open, such as the classical wave of Kosmoenergist’s self-defence – Ratha, which opens the well under the one who is attacking.

There are other non-classical waves that are capable of transforming the properties of the surrounding energy by opening a certain type of a well.

It should be said that fog, fire, and black space are not the only types of properties that can be applied to the planet’s energy. But in Kosmoenergetica, we talk only about the three.

In the beginning of the article we asked a question, how can wells be opened and be effective on the level of, for example, the 7th floor? The answer is quite obvious – because the energy of the planet extends beyond, further up, which is why its change is possible on that level as well. It will be hard to tell how far exactly it extends until somebody of the esoterics with auric vision flies into space to check this…

Good luck!

Text by Viktor Malistov

Translation by Victor Stepanchikov