The Kosmoenergetica session scheme

Despite the general idea that healing in Kosmoenergetica is only a byproduct of the waves, it is nevertheless a very attractive one, which remains to be for many the leading cause for their arrival into the system created by V.A. Petrov.

Therefore, it is important to be able to work in the sphere of healing, to understand how it is really done and to understand all of the related theory.

Here are the basics.

Healing in Kosmoenergetica implies:

  • energy harmonization
  • the removal of causes for abnormal energetic functionality (external – magic, entities, etc; internal – destructive thoughts, feelings and emotions)
  • treatment of tissues, organs and groups of organs on the physical level

We will discuss work related to human energy, magic and psychology in other chapters. Here we will discuss work related to the physical body, the organism.

Before getting into the topic of working with the main classes of diseases, it is important that every Kosmoenergist understands one rule:

“A Kosmonergist-healer is not a doctor. He/she cannot replace a doctor, cannot take on doctor’s responsibilities, and cannot pretend that they can!”

Therefore, the first thing that you should do when someone tells you that they are feeling ill is to tell them to visit a qualified doctor to get tested, diagnosed, and to get the correct treatment. Only after this has been done you can act as an energetic healer, HELPING to recover, and not PROVIDING THE TREATMENT.

If you are working with a person without knowing the exact sickness, or the person is not undergoing professional treatment, you are taking full responsibility for all possible complications, the spreading of the disease, and sometimes for the life of your client.

Using the word “client”, it is irrelevant whether they are your friend or relative. What is relevant is the fact that you are working with them. Regardless of the degree of your closeness to them, you are obligated to do all that you can to make sure that they are diagnosed by a qualified doctor and are undergoing professional treatment.

You cannot make diagnoses, prescribe medication, other methods of treatment, or be the alternative to official medicine. Never. Only in the case that you have a professional medical degree.

Describing the process of working with various diseases that can be treated with the help of Kosmoenergetic waves and energetic healing, we assume that we are giving an impulse towards healing, and helping the organism activate by positively affecting its energy. This is what we mean when we say “to heal” in the context of working with Kosmoenergetic waves.

Important! Apart from ethical questions and the unwillingness to harm anyone, legal issues are to be discussed. I am certain that nobody wants to be accused of charlatanism or offering medical treatment without having the right to do so. The former will be the case if you claim that you can “heal” without medicine, and the latter will be the case if you take the role of a doctor without necessary education or license.

Attention! To be able to perform any kind of work related to the waves of Kosmoenergetica, you must be attuned with that particular wave with which you are going to work! UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES there may exist self-initiation, autoinitiation or any other kind of independent attunement from the Universe. No angels or entities can make you become a Kosmoenergist and cannot transmit to you the classical waves of Kosmoenergetica. Only a magister of classical Kosmoenergetica that has been, either the student of V.A. Petrov or of one of his students, has the ability to attune you. You may assume that there may be exceptions, but in reality, regardless of what anybody thinks, they do not exist! If you haven’t gone through the training and the attunement, it is not recommended to do any of the practices from the Kosmoenergetica system. It is dangerous for your physical, energetic and mental health.

Kosmoenergetica healing session scheme

A Kosmoenergetica healing session scheme always presupposes a number of different steps, none of which can be ignored.

Main steps:

  • Diagnostics of the condition of client’s energy (tactile and/or visual)
  • Removal of destructive energetic programs (“hooks”, “spells”, “zombifying programs”, “necrotic hooks” [discussed later]) in the case that they exist
  • Removal of various energetic entities from possessed beings, in the case that they exist
  • Recovery of the energetic system (wholeness of the energetic cocoon, removing energetic dirt, activating and harmonizing energy centres [chakra], cleanup and recovery of meridians)
  • Use of healing waves on the human organism
  • The balancing of male and female energies
  • Work related to various life situations (in case the client asks)

The given sequence of performed work is rather clear. Depending on nature of each individual case, each step is required (except work related to life situations, which depends on whether the client requests it).

To keep things as simple as possible, fast and effective, each task should be carried out correctly, and with a full understanding of what we are doing.

Below is a sequence, the purpose and the methodology of each step.

  1. Diagnostics

While performing diagnostics, our task is to find out the level of fullness of the energetic cocoon, its integrity (are there any ruptures in the cocoon); the level of dirt of the energy; the functionality of each energy center, from 1 to 7; the presence of energetic programs in the energy; hooks on the level of energy centers; and to find out whether there are any energetic entities in place.

We also look at the way the main organs are functioning: thyroid gland, bronchi, lungs, heart, gastrointestinal tract, spleen, liver, kidneys, bladder, intestines, female internal reproductive organs.

  1. Removal of destructive energetic programs

If during diagnostics we have come across hooks or destructive programs, we remove them either using magical waves (“The First Magical”, “Golden Pyramid”, “Mother”, and in the case that a magister is at work, “Perun” [names of waves]), or with the procedure called “write-off”.

We open up the chosen wave, first on yourself, and then on the client; we create the intention to remove (burn off, neutralize, unhook) the destructive energetic element. We bring our hands to the place where the program or hook is, and intensify the wave in exactly that area (with the intention; if the wave is either The First Magical or Perun, a mental image is used). Following this method, we keep working until the program is completely removed.

If we decide to write off something, we need to be confident that the program actually exists. If we think that there is a program, but we cannot identify it during diagnostics, writing off should not be performed. Only when the program has been found, localised and identified, we can begin to write it off.

Writing off yourself is forbidden! It can have a negative impact on your mental health because of the direct relation between the Object, Subject, and the One who is doing the write-off procedure. Such actions can lead to irreversible consequences, first in the energy, and then in the mental health of the Kosmoenergist.

  1. Exorcism, removal of possessions

In the case that an energetic entity was identified, it is absolutely NECESSARY to remove or eliminate it. An exception can be made only when the client’s mental health has, for a long period of time, been seen as unstable. Here when we refer to “a long period of time”, we mean years, and when we refer to “as unstable”, we mean that the person has undergone psychiatric treatment, his/her behaviour and state of consciousness were clearly outside of the ordinary.

It is possible to expel an entity from these people, but the probability that the person will gain back their mental health, is very low. If such a person is of old age, exorcism sessions may not be useful to them. In any case, these types of cases are agreed on together, by the healer and the relatives of the client.

Expulsion and/or elimination are carried using the wave “Perun”. Taking into consideration the fact that Perun can be attuned only to masters or magisters of Kosmoenergetica (at least in the majority of adequate schools of Kosmoenergetica), a beginner can use the waves Firast, The First Magical and Golden Pyramid alternately.

In the absence of the wave Perun, the level of success of the session depends on the potential and experience of the Kosmoenergist, but also on the size and the “wisdom” of the entity. It is best to ask for help from the teacher or another more experienced magister.

During the removal of the entity a “fire well” is opened. The perimeter of where the healer and the patient are at is surrounded by burning candles.


  1. Recovery of the energetic system

A) Recovery of wholeness and form of the energetic cocoon.

During the first session, if the energy of the client has many ruptures in it, a technique called the “Golden Egg” is used for recovery.

We open up the wave Farun-Buddha on our self and then on the client. We work with the client having the intention to restore the integrity of their energetic cocoon (patch up all the holes), restore its shape and form, and to activate the function of energy absorption. We work with this method until the energy will be full and warm (if tactile diagnostics are still weak, then during the first session this should take approximately 5-7 minutes, second session 3-5 minutes, and during the following sessions 2-3 minutes).

B) Cleaning energy from dirt

If during diagnostics we find a lot of dirt in the energy, or it is the client’s first session, then we can go on and clean their cocoon.

For this, we leave the wave Farun-Buddha on in an active state (we do not close the wave), and we do the following:

  • We open up an “active well” under the client
  • We open up the wave Firast on our self and on to the client with the intention to clean their energy (burn energetic dirt in the cocoon), give the wave Firast into the energetic field of the client (between the 4th and 5th energy centers)

While working with the wave Firast, we keep in mind that we are also simultaneously working with the wave Farun-Buddha to keep the energy balance in place. Because dirt – is energy, the burning of it, together with the opened “active well”, leads to energy loss and therefore to the weakening of the the whole energetic system. To compensate this loss, we continue working with the wave Farun-Buddha.

When we feel that the cleaning process is over and energetic dirt is completely gone (how much time this takes depends completely on the amount of dirt, which is why being able to properly perform diagnostics is a requirement), we CLOSE the “active well”.

C) Cleanup and recovery of meridians.

Meridians are cleaned for the purpose of removing problems related to the exchange of energy inside of the system, and to improve the quality of energy intake by the human organism.

It is always required to clean the central (spinal) meridian, leg meridians and the shoulder meridian.

Meridians are cleaned using the wave Firast, which we did not close after cleaning the energy. If we did close it for some reason, we once again open it for the cleaning of meridians.

Usually meridians are cleaned by having our hand placed onto those parts of the body that have the meridian pass through them. We choose a segment of the meridian (sometimes it is too difficult to clean the whole meridian at once), and, having our focus on the meridian, we begin working using the wave Firast. We work until we feel between our hands an energetic connection forming and the accumulation of warmth. Then we go to the next segment and we repeat the process.

When each segment of the meridian has been cleaned, we once again go over it fully using Firast, making sure that it has been cleaned well. After that we may continue to the next meridian.

D) The activation and harmonization of energy centers.

In Kosmoenergetica we work ONLY with the first 5 energy centers. We do not harmonize the 6th and the 7th energy centers. We only examine their condition during the diagnostics, remove hooks and zombifying programs (using waves belonging to master or magister levels – Perun, Shiva).

Energy centers are harmonized and activated with the waves Firast and Zeus, or with the Golden Pyramid. If we are working with Firast and Zeus, then we work with energy centers beginning with 1 and ending with 5 (from bottom up), but if we work using Golden Pyramid, then it is the other way around, down from 5 to 1.

Bringing our hands to the front and back sides of each energy center, we mentally focus on them, and begin working using the appropriate waves, having the intention to harmonize each of the energy centers. In order to follow this process and to strengthen our intention, we use a special dynamic mental image, consisting of a number of different phases:

  1. On the place where the energy center is supposed to be (not on the outside of the body, but on the inside, approximately on the level of the spine), we imagine a ball of any color, having the diameter of about 10 cm. We begin to affect it with the waves Firast and Zeus (or with only the single Golden Pyramid).
  2. The ball in our mental image turns black. We continue working with it using the same waves until the ball acquires a golden glow around it, such as the one that can be seen during a solar eclipse.
  3. The ball in our mental image is now glowing with a golden color. We continue to affect it with Firast and Zeus (or GP) until the ball begins to get cracks all over it. We should then be able to see liquid gold inside of the “black shell”.
  4. When in our mental image we begin to see these cracks on the black ball, from which we see liquid gold, we stop using the wave Zeus, and continue only with the wave Firast (when working with the wave GP nothing changes, we continue working with it).
  5. We keep working until under the influence of Firast all of the blackness will disappear, and in its place will be a ball made of liquid gold (not boiling, but simply of pure glowing liquid gold). When our mental image has reached the stage of pure, glowing liquid ball, the energy center can be considered as activated and harmonized. Sometimes this process can take 1 minute, and sometimes up to 10 (per energy center). You do not need to rush the switching of mental images – you should work systematically.

We go on to the next energy center.

If for some reason after some time we were not able to activate the energy center, we feel cold sensations from it and the mental image is not switching, then the most common approach to the problem is to work with the wave Titan (precisely on this energy center). The wave Titan forces the energy center to activate, after which we continue with the standard procedure as described above, using waves Firast and Zeus.

It is important to understand that when using the wave Firast, we are burning off energetic dirt that is not allowing the energy center to properly function. Zues, on the other hand, helps us to activate the actual energetic process within the energy center. Therefore, when the liquid gold in our mental image can be seen, it is an indication that the energetic process has been started, and only the remaining dirt cleaning is to be done.

The 6th and the 7th energy centers are not activated by us because their poor functionality never has anything to do with energetic dirt, but rather with client’s mental issues (sometime related to drug use). Artificial activation of the 6th and 7th energy centers can very seriously harm the exceptionally thin petals (the structure of the upper energy centers), which are a lot more thin and fragile than the ones located on the first 5 energy centers. If the petals are damaged, it is very difficult for them to recover, sometimes taking many years to do so. Therefore, do not try doing things that should not be done.

Sometimes, because of heavy emotional states and mental activities, the accumulation of low-vibrational energy occurs on the level of the head. In this case, we can clean the head.

E) Cleaning the head.

The process is accomplished using the waves Farun-Buddha, Firast and Zeus (sometimes can be done using magical waves The First Magical or Golden Pyramid, but also can be done with magister waves Perun or Shiva).

The purpose of cleaning the head is to remove the heavy mental energy that has been “lying” there, which was formed through excessive mental exercise, prolonged “philosophical thinking” or through negative programs.

Cleaning of the head happens either in a contact, or a semi-contact approach. One hand is located on the level of the neck, under the chin, and the other hand is located just below the back of the head.

We apply the waves using the following mental image:

Inside of the head, between the hands that are focusing the waves, sits liquid gold (or silver). Under the influence of the waves, from this liquid gold (silver) begins to evaporate away all unwanted “impurity”, which leaves the head through the opened lotus. If some dirt does not evaporate, but is present, with our intention we create an impulse to push from both sides the gold (silver) together and up, causing the dirt to be squeezed out of the lotus. Respectively, we are speaking here about two different approaches: evaporation and extrusion.

  1. Working with the human organism using healing waves.

After the recovery of the energetic system, we proceed working with the organs.

It is important to understand that the main reasons for sick organs on the level of energy are: energy pollution, weakening, hyperactivity, offset of the vibrational spectrum of the organ, or the injection of a destructive program into the matrix of the organ. Regardless of what may be the cause for the sickness on the physical level, on the energetic level the sickness manifests in the ways described above.

Thus, when in the process of working with organs, illnesses or pathogenic factors (infections and microorganisms) using the Kosmoenergetica system, we aim to return the energy of the organism back to its normal state (sometime forcing healthy vibrations onto the sick organ), thereby creating the suitable conditions for healing.

It is necessary to understand that an organ and its sick state cannot be looked at separately from the whole organism. Generally, when an organ has a problem, it usually means that the whole organ system (or systems!) has a problem, and therefore should be considered as one whole.

During a healing session we use a combination of different healing techniques and waves from the Kosmoenegetica system. Healing techniques – are certain operations that are carried out by us on organs, on the level of energy. The waves, on the other hand – are tools that allow us to perform this work, and with which as a consequence we can help the energy surrounding the organs to return back to its original state.

Techniques used in the healing sessions:

  • Energy cuts
  • Motor-and-well
  • Energetic tourniquet
  • Wave arc
  • The opening of the lotus and shoulder straps

Waves used in healing are usually from the Buddhist block (but not always, sometimes magical waves are used as well), each of which has its own vibrational spectrum and generates its own energy process. Because each organ of our system also differs from another in its energetic spectrum of vibrations, and because each one has its own energy process, it can be said that each wave has its own “field of expertise”.

More detailed information about the waves can be read in the relevant section. However, ideally a Kosmoenegrist with experience in healing and training with the waves, should independently arrive to the stronger and deeper understanding of the principles of each wave’s functionality.

This will help us in each particular case to choose more effectively the desired wave (from the total amount of overlapping waves), to understand which vibrational or physical failure has occurred in an organ, and which wave has more chances to “fix” the fault.

While there is the lack of experience, it is better to follow the general recommendations and the general descriptions of the waves. However, you must remember that the general scheme is only a scheme, and that in each particular case the work can be carried out more effectively. A Kosmoenergeist should strive to reach the level where he/she would not any longer need to follow the general scheme, but to perceive each and every case differently. This level should be reached in healing, and the essence of each wave should be revealed, as well as the complete understanding of all possible diseases. A Kosmoenergist should also master the art of diagnostics.

Let’s consider the importance and the method of performance of various techniques.

Energy cut

When we find in some organ or a part of the body an energetic pollution, we use the wave Firast to clean that area. Under the influence of that wave the energetic dirt is burnt off, leaving only “ashes” behind. To remove the “ashes” left by the process, we need to reach to it through all the other layers of energy.

To accomplish this, we create a cut of desired depth in the energetic membrane of the body. It is done in the following way: from any finger of the working hand (the one with which we are more comfortable performing actions) we direct a beam that cuts, like a scalpel, the energetic membrane. The beam is created with intention and a visualization, of any color (white is fine), similar to a laser beam. With it we cut the energetic membrane, carefully, and with full awareness of what we are doing.

Next, we approach the area of the cut with our hand, and we clean away the “ashes”, using the technique called motor-and-well. After cleaning up we leave the cut open, which will heal rather quick on its own.

Because every cut leads to the loss of energy, you should avoid making cuts on blood-forming and blood cleaning organs as much as possible. Therefore, if we do decide to cut the spleen, liver or kidneys, we should be very careful and aware of the level of responsibility. The brain and heart are never cut.


It is used for the removal of energetic “ashes” after cleaning the energy with the wave Firast. It is applied locally (to organs or parts of the body).

It is done in the following manner: we place one palm to the area where we will be removing the “ashes” from, and the other hand is stretched away to the side, under which an “active well” is opened. Next, we try to suck the ashes out of the region with our hand, after which the ashes flow into the palm, continue through the shoulder meridian on into the other hand, and out of our body into the well.

After working with the motor-and-well technique, we need to make sure that nothing was left in our meridian. Everything must leave us into the well.

Important! Using the technique, we are not cleaning the dirt! We are simply removing the energetic “ashes” left after applying the wave Firast. If we attempt to use the motor-and-well technique to clean the dirt, we are risking of having our shoulder meridian clogged up. Dirt is a lot more dense and inert as opposed to “ashes”.

Removing energy from the energy centers is prohibited.

Energetic tourniquet.

It is used to attach the organs to some static and fixed areas of our organism. In general, applied in the case of organ prolapse or descent.

Example: A lowered kidney can be attached to the collarbone with the use of the energetic tourniquet. The kidney will then be raised back to its original place.

To do this, we place one palm on the problem organ, and the other palm on to the area to which we want to make the attachment (collarbone, sometimes the spine, pelvis, etc.). We open up any wave, such as Farun-Buddha, and we create a connection with it between our hands. When the connection has been made (the wave passes from one hand to the other), using our intention we begin to thicken the wave flow to the state of a tourniquet. Using our intention, we attach one side of the tourniquet to the lowered organ, and the other side to the place it should be raised to.

After this, there will be a constant slight pulling effect of the organ. This will eventually place the organ back to the necessary spot in the organism.

Wave arc.

Sometime when working with organs that are in an exceptionally bad condition, a need arises to have the waves affect them after the session has been finished.

Usually, after ending a session, we close all of the waves in order for the client not to get addicted to the waves and not to get an energetic overdose.

In the case that we are working with organs that need a more intense and prolonged effect, we have the ability to create so-called wave arcs. A wave arc is the attachment of an energetic intensification of a particular wave to a particular organ, which continues its effect even after the wave has been closed.

To create an energetic arc, we allow for the required wave to pass through the desired organ. When the wave passes through the organ from one hand to the other with ease, we bring the hands upwards, as if were trying to make the wave stream round. When the hands are up with the palms facing towards the ground, we quickly remove the hands from this position.

The rule is that one organ can have one arc. There shouldn’t be more than 3 arcs on one person at the same time. Obviously, arcs are not attached to the heart and the brain (we don’t work with these organs at all).

Arcs can be of healing type, made from a healing wave attached to a particular organ, or they can be of cleaning type, i.e made from the wave Firast. Arcs are generally not made out of master and magister-type waves…

The opening of the lotus and shoulder straps.

The lotus and shoulder straps are opened in order to avoid overflow of energy from the waves into the human. Besides that, the lotus is opened during evaporation and extrusion techniques.

The lotus is opened by placing the healer’s palms on the petals of the lotus, and then pulling them to the sides. The technique should be demonstrated by the teacher, since it is quite difficult to understand the procedure without actually seeing it.

Shoulder straps are opened by placing the healer’s hands onto the shoulders of the client, and then moving the hands away from the shoulders of the client, such as when releasing actual shoulder straps from a real military uniform.

The same approach can be used to open other parts of the body: back, chest, stomach, etc. However, this is not a common practice, since opening up of the body leads to energy loss.

The opening of the lotus and the shoulder straps is usually done in the case that the client is suffering from hypertension (high blood pressure). This insures that the blood pressure would not rise even higher with the incoming flow of energy.

It is important to understand that the “opening of shoulder straps” is a process of activating the energy output in a particular localized area. Therefore, this technique is not limited only to shoulders. However, having the energy flowing out of that area in particular is the least critical to the body, since there are no organs to be harmed.

  1. The balancing of male and female energies.

Sometimes poor functionality of entire organ systems (hormones, gynecology and urology, and sometimes gastrointestinal organs) can be caused by the disproportionate balance of male and female energies.

This can be determined during diagnostics. The male energy is more “rough” and is felt in a more direct manner, while female energy is more fluid, soft and flexible.

In addition, it is usually visible from the psychology of the person. Male energy can be seen manifesting in a person through their will to dominate, achieve goals, defend their status, while the female energy can be seen manifesting through their flexibility and the ability to adapt to circumstances, to take things the way they are and to express themselves softly.

Complete domination of either male or female energy is not correct. There should be a balance, everything should be in the right proportions. Generally, the norm is around 70% to 30% (or even 60% to 40%), where the 70% is the energy of that sex to which the client belongs. If the energies are in the opposite proportions, where the client has less of his/her own energy, there will most-likely be problems in the social, professional and health areas of the client.

It is not a norm (from the point of view of statistics), nor it is a real problem if the ratio of the two energies is equal. In this case, any adjustments done by the healer should be carried out very carefully and agreed on with the client prior to the work.

If the ratio of male and female energies is close to 90% and 10% (where the energy of the sex of the client is dominating), problems should arise as well (or probably have already). Here the healer should work towards bringing the energy towards a more balanced, organic ratio.

The balancing out is accomplished using the waves Agni and Hum. If there is less male energy, we work with Agni, and if female – Hum.

It is also important to realize that this disbalance in the person has been caused by mental (psychological) conditioning, beliefs, self-identification and the roles that he/she has become accustomed to. If the self-perception does not change, the ratios of energies will most-likely also not change.

Sometimes a qualified psychologist’s or psychiatrist’s professional help is required, since many of our beliefs sit on a very deep level of our self-awareness.

  1. Working with situations.

Let’s make it clear that any situation is deeply integrated into the client’s personality. It is pretty much impossible to stay unchanged while working with the situation, since all difficulties in our life come from ourselves.

In conclusion, the scheme of a healing session is as follows

  1. Working with master or magister waves to remove destructive programs and possessions.
  2. Harmonization and the recovery of the energetic cocoon with the wave Farun-Buddha, the cleaning of energy with the wave Firast (with open active well), cleaning of meridians with the wave Firast, closing of the active well, and the activation of energy centers from 1 to 5. Cleaning of the head.
  3. Working with organs: cleaning the organ, cleaning other harmed organs, making cuts, removal of “ashes” with the motor-and-well technique, work with healing waves on all necessary organs, leaving the tourniquet if necessary, leaving arc waves if necessary, input of waves into the field of the client, into various organ systems (endocrine, vascular, cardiovascular)
  4. We make sure that the well is closed. We once again look at how well the energy centers are working, if necessary we give another “push” to the weaker ones. We balance out male and female energies, close the waves, making sure that Farun-Buddha is closed last.
  5. We tell the client how the session went, find out how he/she is feeling, and if there is the need (a heavy feeling in the head), we open the lotus.

Important: aside from removing energetic programs, all the remaining time that we work with everything else, Farun-Buddha must be open. If you are lacking some wave, most of the time it can be replaced with the waves Farun-Buddha, Firast and Shaon. It doesn’t make sense to open the waves with which you are not attuned, even if you really want to and they are intuitively in your mind (it is a sign that you need them, and not that you already have them).

When working with a client, you must clearly understand for yourself what you are doing. You must be confident in your work. Remember, you can think and be sceptical BEFORE and AFTER the session, but while you are working you must be confident and taking action! Only then the success of work will be 100% guaranteed.

Text by Viktor Malistov

Translation by Victor Stepanchikov