Teaching Kosmoenergetica

The School of Kosmoenergetica and Reiki “Horizon of Consciousness” conducts training of classical Kosmoenergetica of V.A. Petrov in Russia, Estonia, Latvia, Germany, Kazakhstan and other countries of the world. For more information regarding upcoming events and interest in participation, please write to: malistov@gmail.com with subject line “Learning Kosmoenergetica”.

The training is conducted by the teacher personally. No distance training can be made in our school.

The training of any level usually lasts 2 to 3 full days. Training happens individually or in small groups (no more than 5 people).

Beginning from the Master level training, a certificate is given, indicating that the student has completed a training in the school “Horizon of Consciousness”.

The training happens according to the School’s standards, which include:

  • attunement with the waves of Kosmoenergetica
  • full theory according to the given level
  • teacher consultations, support in mastering the knowledge and skills
  • supply of methodical literature
  • the opportunity to participate in School’s closed events
  • access to advanced techniques

What Kosmoenergetica offers:

  • skills and abilities to work with physical illnesses
  • strengthening of energy
  • protection from negative magical effects
  • development of extrasensory abilities
  • ability to harmonize energy
  • advanced understanding of people and the world
  • development of magical abilities

Anyone who has the desire can master Kosmoenergetica, regardless of their inborn talents and abilities.

Everything develops with the right approach and practice!

Training in Kosmoenergetica is divided into the following levels:

Basic – includes universal waves for working with energy and diseases, as well as informational waves.

Basic + certain other waves are added depending on the personal needs of the student.

Master of Kosmoenergetica – includes all healing and magical waves.

Master of Kosmoenergetica + – if desired, some of the Magister waves are added (Perun, Shiva and Voodoo).

Magister of Kosmoenergetica – all waves of classical Kosmoenergetica are attuned.

If the student wishes, beginning with the Master level, techniques such as “Fire Flower” and “Egregoric Zoroastrianism” can be attuned.

Each attunement leads to changes in the energy system, its amplification and increased sensorics.

Only people with no psychological illnesses and that don’t use psychotropic drugs are allowed to take part in the first level of Kosmoenergetica training.

Only those individuals that have completely mastered the techniques and principles of the basic level training are allowed to take part in Master level training. The degree of readiness is determined by both, the desire of the student and teacher’s opinion about the usefulness of the Master attunement.

The teacher has the right to refuse training up to the level of the Master if the student has poor ethical principles and/or if he has a psychological instability.

Only a Master that has completely mastered the given techniques, has good ethical principles, stable mind, the desire to improve and develop him or herself, can become a Magister of Kosmoenergetica. The teacher has the right to refuse Magister training or can put aside the training until the student is ready.

A Magister gets the rights and the techniques to teach Kosmoenergetica only 3 years after the initial Magister training, only if the student was all 3 years in contact with the teacher and practiced Kosmoenergetica. The status of the teacher is approved by the head of the School.

The teacher of Kosmoenergetica must meet the following requirements:

  • to know perfectly the theory of Kosmoenergetica (according to the school “Horizon of Consciousness”)
  • to have practical skills in healing, working with energy, etc.
  • have experience working with magic, neutralizing magical influences and possessions
  • be able to conduct tactile diagnostics
  • have basic energetic vision – seeing the 4 first layers of the energy body, rays of energy coming from the energy centers and the lotus
  • constantly improve the level of Kosmoenergetica, skills and abilities
  • comply with the requirements of the ethical code of the School
  • be able to share the responsibility of the teacher and the student (help the students, explain how to work, but not to perform the work on behalf of the students)
  • to not create intricate relationships with the students – respect the boundaries, hold a transparency of relations
  • to not commit actions that discredit Kosmoenergetica, the School or the representatives of the School
  • suppress discord within the school, gossip and other inappropriate situations
  • strive to clarify all ambiguous and dangerous situations within the scope of their competence
  • be loyal to the School and its rules