Tactile diagnostics

Pursuing the path of energy healing and the ability to eliminate magic, it is important to be able to identify failures in energy centers, meridians, energy cocoon, as well as the presence of foreign magic.

It is possible to do so properly only when using the energetic vision or tactile diagnostics. All other methods of collecting information will be less informative in this type of work. The information will be more abstract. With tactile diagnostics, we are able to feel any energy process in the organism, any problem in the energy of an organ, the root cause of it and the characteristics of this problem.

Without knowing how to properly carry out tactile diagnostics, we are not able to heal others. This rule may have exceptions only in the case that the healer has the ability to read off information or do some other type of diagnostics that leads to more precise results without error.

Performing tactile diagnostics on human energy.

The person (client) is lying or standing in the position that their body is straight. The healer bring his hand (the one that is more sensitive, or both simultaneously) to the area of ​​an organ, energy center, the meridian or any other energy structure. With the help of the sensitivity of his hands, he evaluates the energy fullness, the quality of energy in this place and the negative-foreign elements that prevent normal functionality.

If a person is not nearby, the healer creates a phantom of this person, the image of that person in front of the healer, and diagnoses it in the same way as if the phantom was a real person.

The phantom is enough for those that can feel using their hands, have the experience and skills. But, given that the article is written more for untrained healers, it is necessary to clarify all of the points from the very start.

How do we sense/feel energy?

Our hand, used in the diagnostics, serves as a “sensor” that senses the difference between its own energy and energy of the object that it “touches”.

So, first we need to learn to:

  • feel our own palm
  • feel the sense of energy on our palm (3-5 cm from the surface of the skin)
  • feel the reaction of the palm’s energy when in contact with other objects or living things (the change in sensation)

Learning this is not difficult. It is enough for some time (2-3 days) to direct the attention towards the palm that you feel better, and try to feel it even more. You can do it with both palms, which is even better, because two tactile-capable hands are better than one.

Once you can feel the palm well enough, you begin feeling the space around it. It may be a feeling of a “dust ball” or “fluff” on your palm. These sensations have their place because our palms have energy center (chakras) in them, which increase the sensitivity. Also, because they are able to consume and let out energy.

When you have begun to feel energy on the palms, you may begin feeling energy and information of various object, animals or people.

What we can feel.

  1. Touching with the energy of the palm (not the palm itself!) an object or person, we thus come into contact with another energy system. It can be more full or less full, compared to our.

The presence or absence of energy is usually felt with the density parameters – greater amount of energy per unit volume will be felt as “resilience”. Less amount of energy will be felt as “impalpable”.

  1. In addition to the presence of energy, we can also feel its quality. For example, energy that is more dense and with low vibrations compared with the energy of our palm, will be felt as something sticky, heavy and rough. Energy that is more subtle compared to ours, will be felt like something more light.

As a rule, different energy structures have a different energy density. It cannot be said that one type of energy density is better or worse than another energy density. It is incorrect when taken out of context.

  1. In addition to these properties, the capacity of energy structures is observed. If some energy field is less full than it should be, we will feel it as cool/with a breeze. If the system is full as it normally should be, It will be felt as warm. It will be hot if the amount of energy exceeds the normal or if the energy system is in hyperactivity mode.

Do not confuse energy density and the degree of fullness. Density – is the difference between your energy and energy of the diagnosed object. The level of fullness is the difference between the normal amount of energy present in the object and its actual level of fullness.

  1. Sometimes, the information matrix of an object that comes in contact with a living energy system, is the one that allows us to feel something. For example, if we try to diagnose the energy of some picture with our palm, we will feel something. It is not related to the fact that different paper has different energy, but rather to the fact that the image on the paper creates its own matrix.

Example: take a calendar with a picture of a dandelion and try to feel with the palm the information that is embedded in it. Most likely, we will feel heat from the energy of the picture. If we take a picture of a medieval crypt, the sensation will be a lot different. Hopefully the idea is clear enough.

This way we can learn to distinguish between the information that the energy holds. We can learn to understand how information affects energy processes. This knowledge, understanding and skills can directly help us distinguish between various energy programs in the human body.

Any type of magic is the implantation of an energy program into the energy structure, forcing that structure to function in a certain way. It is like an energy virus. Why virus? Because viruses are not living, they cause damage and can copy themselves onto another person.

  1. The presence of this type of information in a person’s energy can be described best as an “electric tingle.”

Such sensations usually indicate either magic influence, the presence of an energetic entity or the use of Kosmoenergetic waves.

The three can easily be distinguished:

Magical programs are localized, and are a lot smaller in size than human energy. They can be felt as cool, electrified elastic structures. They may be in the form of tourniquets coming out of the energy (hooks), in the form of a web, entangling organs and meridians, or in the form of an energy clot attached to the body or an energy center.

Energetic entity, attached to a person always feels unpleasant and repulsive, filled with electrification and heaviness. It is usually felt as cool or quite cold. They may be small in size and take up space in some areas of the body, but they can also fill the whole energy. Sensations during diagnostics are very unpleasant. You may want to stop having contact with this person and to quickly get away from them.

Waves in the field of a Kosmoenergist always give a warm and electrified sensation, spread all over the field. It may feel like touching a magnetic field. The palm may feel a sensation as if a lot of small bits of electricity are coming from the diagnosed person.

It should be mentioned that sometimes a particular sensation can be confused with a spell or an entity.

In the case that human energy has a lot of low-vibrational energy, the sensation during diagnostics may be the following: dense energy, a sticky feeling, heaviness and inertia.

About the diagnostics of energy systems.

It is now time to understand how to do the actual diagnostics of the human energy system.

The first thing that should be looked at is the amount of fullness in the energy and integrity of the cocoon. We set our focus on the cocoon and try to feel it in various areas, keeping track of your feelings on the palm.

As a result we learn: energy density, fullness, energy quality, the level of pollution, cocoon symmetry and whether there are dents in the energy or not. The dents are the coldest of all, since the place where energy should exist, has nothing.

After assessing the general condition of the cocoon, we proceed with the diagnostics of the energy centers. We bring our hands to the front and rear sides of the energy center and we evaluate the sensations coming off them. It is important to understand that just bringing your hands to the area of the energy center is not sufficient for diagnostics. It is necessary to mentally focus on it, to turn our attention to it. Thus, we find the strength and the concentration of energy that is leaving the energy center, the presence of dirt in the energy center or the presence of magical programs.

When all the energy centers are diagnosed by us, we begin to check the quality of the work of meridians: central, shoulder and leg meridians. To do this, we put our hands on the two ends of the segment of a meridian that we are trying to diagnose, and we feel how well the energy is flowing between the two ends. Also, we feel whether there is dirt and whether there are magical programs.

After the diagnostics of energy, we move on to the diagnostics of organs. The sequence is not important in this case. The main thing is to understand the following: that organ that we have our focus on, bringing the hands to its area, will be the one we are going to feel. The sensations are always quite clear to us, as the sensations coming off of organs are always tied to their functionality. For example, if the heart has too high of a tone, if the risk of having a heart attack is high, we will feel tension on the level of the energy. If the kidneys are weakened and cannot work properly because of this, we will feel them as cold.

Always remember the main principle: where focus goes, energy flows!

Working with a phantom.

When you imagine in front of you some person or animal, you are creating a certain mental energy matrix into that space. Under the influence of the matrix that space is slightly distorted. There appear tiniest flows of energy.

Doing this you create an image of a person’s energy. You essentially are placing that person’s energy matrix onto some area in front of you. This is very similar to the cinema, during which a picture coming off a small film is projected onto the big screen, which everyone can then see it in detail.

When you do all of this, you create a phantom with absolute certainty that the phantom is material/real. You must almost be a 100% sure that next to you is the same person whom you are diagnosing. That person’s size or position will be totally dependant on how you create him or her.

When the phantom has been made, you may begin diagnosing them. When you are done, you can simply “dissolve” it, allowing the area there turn back to normal.

Performing diagnostics using a phantom should be accomplished very carefully. As you are interfering into the energy of another person, any careless move towards the phantom echoes onto the “original”. That is, to the person himself.

If you already know how to diagnose people, phantom diagnostics skill will be totally based on how well you can build the phantom and hold him up in the space in front of you. This skill can quickly and easily comes with practice.

Here we complete the insight into the methodology of tactile diagnostics, which can be learned by absolutely anyone. You only have to put in slight effort, since everyone is individual and practical experience is the only way to learn it.

We wish you success in mastering the technique!