Protection in Kosmoenergetica

Defending your energy against external negative influence is quite an important task. Our mental and physical health depends on it, regardless of whether we are a beginner kosmoenergist or actively engaged in healing others.

Of course, those kosmoenergosts that work with others, that remove magical programs, are struck more often. The healing practice can take kosmoenegists into conflict with other esoterics (practitioners of black magic, for example). Nevertheless, everyone should be able to defend themselves, since it isn’t always the wizards that attack our energy, but simply the surroundings in general.

The energetic cocoon of a kosmoenergist is always stronger than a cocoon of an average person. Waves attuned with the energy bodies of a person, create additional tightness of them, making the cocoon more resilient. This allows for kosmoenergists to recover a lot faster from energetic attacks, with smaller losses.

But, regardless of the strength and endurance of kosmoenergist’s energy, it still is possible to harm it. The more professional is the one who is attacking, the more harm will be done to the kosmoenergist. We cannot depend only on the strength of our field, but we also need to be able to mobilize that strength when necessary, in order to protect the wholeness of our energy system and our health.

In Kosmoenergetica, we are used to three different types of protection. Excluding the waves, there are the Clam, Pyramid and the Pearl. In all Kosmoenergetica manuals you will find the description of these protections and methods of building them. I, on the other hand, would like go a little deeper into their mechanism. I want to elaborate more on how they work, as well as to explain how each one of them reacts to a specific type of attack, and offer the detailed methodology of building them. This is important because the kosmoenergist should not only know general information about different protection methods, but they should also take into consideration all possible nuances, so that they could better evaluate their own level of protection.

The Clam

The Clam is a type of protection that anyone can create, even if they are not attuned with Kosmoenergetica waves. The essence of the Clam lies in being able to thicken your energy when necessary.

The creation process of the Clam begins with forming a mental image of two shells attached to our shoulder blades (scapula). These shells, just like in a real clam, can close up, creating a protective layer around the human. The size of the Clam can be individual. Usually it is formed in a way where in its closed state it is 30 cm above the head and as much from the sides of the body.

The Clam itself is a mental image that we use to consciously thicken our energy cocoon. When we imagine the Clam being closed, we actually create an impulse to thicken our energetic bodies by making them smaller without energy loss.

Obviously, the imagined by us outline of the closed Clam is our unconscious way to set the boundaries of our thickened and compressed field. The closer the clam is to our body, the stronger is the compression and thickening of our energy. On the one hand, a well-thickened field gives better protection against a strong impulse of energy aimed against us (energetic stroke). On the other hand, however, being in the state of tightened energy may not feel too comfortable (a faster heart rate may be felt, hypertension, headache, etc.). It is important to find the optimal size of the closed Clam state, in which we would feel most comfortable and our protection would also be highest.

As already mentioned, the Clam protects well against energetic strokes. It is quite useful when we are communicating with people that are aggressive or hysterical. Those are the moments when our energy is in high risk of being attacked.

Usually the Clam is imagined as opened, but we know that in case of a threat it can close. To be honest, the ability of the Clam to close, is a skill of our energy that we should not only create, but also keep practicing from time to time.

Certain people are able to close up their energy in case of a threat, from birth. Training the Clam for these people will be especially easy, even though it basically is already trained. They should simply expand their unconscious reflexes into conscious control. They will then be able to use it more freely.

Those that don’t have this skill, have the potential to create it. As already mentioned, it all begins with building the mental image. We imagine side shells that are attached to our shoulder blades, that are able to close up in the case of a threat/attack. The size and color of the shell is free for you to choose.

The first phase of creating the Clam

When the Clam has been built, we proceed to train it to open and close. This is the objective of the first stage of creating the clam. We need to be able to close the Clam in such a way, in which we would physically be able to feel “armor” around us. This stage is very important, which cannot be replaced by even the best mental image out there.

Furthermore, this stage has two aspects to it: the amount of thickening and the speed of thickening. So, even though the Clam may seem to be closed, on the level of our cocoon, we may be protected only a slight bit. Our aim is to thicken it to the maximum. The second aim is to make the cocoon thicken fast.

So, at first we learn to thicken the energy to the maximum by closing the Clam, after which we learn to do it fast.

The second phase of creating the Clam

The second phase involves automating the process of closing the Clam. We do so by closing the Clam whenever we feel that something resembling any type of aggression happens near us.

For example, we walk on the street and we see two people arguing with each other somewhere close to us. When we walk near them, we close the Clam, and we open it only when we have gone away from the aggressive behaviour far enough. This is important in order to create and automate the reflex “aggression – protection”.

Our energy cannot be in the state of tightness and compression forever. It is not healthy from the point of view of energy exchange with the surrounding world and internal energy processes. Moreover, as with a muscle spasm, there will be a moment, when the level of tightness of our energy will begin to loosen up on its own. That is why it is said that the Clam can be closed only for a certain period of time, usually ranging from 1 to 2 hours.

In its closed state the Clam can withhold an energetic stroke of almost any strength.

The Clam does its job very well in daily life, but only in the case that is has been built correctly.

The Pyramid

Unlike the Clam, the Pyramid is a protection only for Kosmoenergists. Let’s have a look at this type of protection and why it is meant only for Kosmoenergists.

The Pyramid neutralises negative energy coming into the energy of a Kosmoenergist and converts it into positive energy. This is especially useful considering the fact that we quite often are in places with a lot of negative energy, as well as in close contact with people whose dirt can affect us.

The Pyramid is built with a mental image – 8 golden beams that create the skeleton of the pyramid. The base of the pyramid is located on the level of the hips, and resembles a square. The top of the pyramid is located about 30 cm above of the head.

The Pyramid itself is only a mental image that symbolises the cleaning function of the energy that comes at us. This becomes possible after the attunement with the wave Farun-Buddha. That is why the protection is available only to Kosmoenergists.

The wave Farun-Buddha is always present in our field, but usually it is active only after it has been opened. The mental image of the Pyramid allows us to keep it active exactly on the level that is needed to transform any kind of negativity. Therefore, the Pyramid works only then when we remember about it. You can be on the edge of its awareness, but you still need to remember about it for it to work.

The pyramid transforms negativity into positivity on the level of energy. Unfortunately, it cannot protect us from all informational impact. It can without doubt filter out certain magic coming at us, but this cannot replace a full clean using magical waves when it comes to professionally crafted magic aimed at us.

The Pearl

The Pearl is the center of the Pyramid. The Pearl is like an energetic core to which all transformed energy flows. It is located approximately between the 3rd and 4th energy centers. However, it itself is not an energy center. It is more of a region in the energy system in which compressed energy forms.

The Pearl works only if the Pyramid works, and only if we remember that because of the Pyramid, the energy flows into the Pearl. If we do not remember and think about it, then the Pearl does not form.

The Pearl allows us to feel stronger when we come into contact with magic. It is able to release energy that was compressed earlier. This “emergency reserve” can be extremely useful.

Protection in everyday life

It is important to understand that the whole purpose of protection in Kosmoenergetica is to allow us to lead a life without problems. It allows us to withstand the first negative impulses in case of an attack with the use of magic, but it also allows us to stay protected in a company of unfriendly people.


Different protections cannot be an alternative to working with own energy, in the processes of cleaning or recovery. They have a different purpose – lowering the negative factors of surrounding environment, and to minimise losses in case of magic attacks.

Protections – are something that each Kosmoenergist should individually be thinking about, remembering about from time to time. The mental images of protections should regularly be strengthened.

One important aspect in working with protections is our intention and confidence in our self. We need to clearly understand how protections work, for what reason, and we need to be confident enough in order for them to work. Obviously, confidence on its own won’t make us a 100% protected, but the lack of it, will definitely weaken us.

Kosmoenergists should not fall into panic if they feel that their protection has been activated in some situation. There are, however, many people whose sensorics have been intensified due to work with energies, and which fall into panic from the slightest influence coming from the outside. These people see threats everywhere. Each energy process is identified as a magic attack.

This kind of perception of the self and the surroundings inevitably leads to difficulties. Fear doesn’t allow their system to work in a stable manner, the effectiveness of their protection drops down to a zero, and their own thoughts generate them a lot of dirt. A vicious circle emerges: sensitivity creates fear; fear neutralises protection and creates dirt in the energy; dirt and exposure create a feeling of discomfort, which then intensifies fear.

Self-confidence is important. Without it, a life of a Kosmoenergist can turn into a constant paranoia. Believe in your protection, develop your skills, work with waves, and you won’t need to face any problems!

Good luck!