Kosmoenergetica is a system that makes it possible for anyone to learn to control their energy, to bring harmony into their life, and to communicate with the Universe the language that it speaks. The system came into existence due to hard work conducted by Vladimir Petrov, who was in search of answers to questions related to energetic healing. His findings led him to the discovery of a wonderful language of the Universe that governs all energetic processes in the world.

Vladimir Petrov, while being engaged in various spiritual and esoteric practices in the mountains of Uzbekistan, saw that all energetic processes in the world are controlled by streams of information. Having spent a lot of time working with and understanding the phenomenon, its mechanism suddenly became all clear to Petrov. In other words, Petrov “cracked the code” of the Universe.

At first Petrov had named the streams as “channels” (similar to television channels). Later, however, the term was changed to “waves” (similar to radio waves). Nevertheless, by not being too attached to the term, we can refer to “waves” as vibrational streams of information that transform any type of energy with which they come into contact.

As it turns out, humanity has been influenced by the vibrational streams for thousands of years, but no one was really aware of it. For example, the Tibetan lamas, members of the Sufi orders, saints of all religious systems – have all been working with waves for a very long time, resulting in the achievement of very powerful spiritual experiences, and the attainment of supernatural abilities, also known as siddhis.

Vladimir Petrov learnt to work with the vibrational streams, created the so-called “passwords” for some of them (there are millions of waves in the Universe), and began to use them in energetic healing practices. Results showed that waves applied to other people increased their energetic potential, inner strength, and greatly helped to cure various diseases.

When Vladimir Petrov had finally gained enough experience, he decided that it was time to teach others how to work with the streams of vibration, to teach those that are seeking for Knowledge. He began by developing various techniques and methods, with the description of how each wave works, and passed the information to others verbally. He named his system “Kosmoenergetica” – the knowledge about the energies of the Universe.

At the moment Kosmoenergetica is actively spreading around Russia, Ukraine, Belorussia, and Kazakhstan. However, it has now also been introduced in certain areas of Europe (France, Germany, United Kingdom, Italy, Greece), as well as in the USA. Because the exact amount of all the practitioners is unknown, the list of countries is incomplete. Many of Vladimir Petrov’s students pass on his teachings to their students, and their students in their turn, pass it forward to others.

The following are some of the benefits that the students of Kosmoenergetica claim they have received from practicing the method:

–               Increases resistance to stress

–               Helps to quickly recover strength and energy

–               Attracts to them positive and beneficial people

–               Increases sexual attraction

–               Prevents energy vampirism and other negative influence from people

–               Improves health and strengthens the immune system

–               Helps unleashing the creative and spiritual potentials

Etc., etc.

Apart from all of the mentioned beneficial bonuses, Kosmoenergetica teaches to perceive the Universe as one whole, which speaks its own language. People have the potential to learn to understand the language, and to use it to improve in all aspects of life.

Teaching Kosmoenergetica and the attunement to the waves.

Informational fields of the Universe, which we refer to as waves, can be active at any place on Earth. When the waves are at work, they transform the energy with which they come in contact, and launch energetic processes that are specific to that particular wave. Moreover, the streams of information affect not only the energy of the surrounding area, but of all living creatures, including that of humans.

So how do the practitioners activate these waves?

As it happens to be, Kosmoenergetica is taught through the process of initiation – the process where the teacher directly empowers the student. In the method created by Vladimir Petrov the process is called “attunement”. During attunement, the teacher copies the waves from his/her energetic structure to the energetic structure of the student. This process is similar to the process of recording information onto a CD. After attunement, the wave can be activated by the student through the use of given passwords and mental images. The wave may then also be used on other people and the surroundings.

Waves that have been attuned to the energetic structure of a person remain there forever, and the ability to work with them never fades away. Even after tens of years of no practice the student may apply his/her waves.

As it has already been mentioned, there is an innumerable amount of waves in the Universe. However, waves present in the Kosmoernegetica system are universal, meaning that they can be applied almost in any situation. It is actually quite difficult to imagine a situation where Kosmoenergetica would be useless.

The first level of education incorporates in itself the attunement of 6 waves. Let’s have a look at them and understand what they do.

Two out of six waves of the first level education are informational. Working with them increases the intuition, the ability to make the right decision out of many, the ability to predict the outcome of events. They open up the possibility for direct knowledge.

The four other waves are universal and have been grouped together to work with human energy and the organism.

The first and the main wave of Kosmoenergetica activates energetic intake, restores the energetic potential, removes ruptures and dents in the aura, harmonizes the whole system. This wave alone can give much strength for work, health, and better communication with others. With this wave begins the study of the whole system.

The second wave from the first level is for purifying the energy from negative vibrations and dirt. It is required so that the energetic dirt would not close off the healthy flow of energy through the body. Any low-vibrational energy, be it energy coming from a sick organ or from a negative communication with another human, will be removed.

The third wave is an accelerator of energetic processes. With its help we can activate weakened energy centers (chakras), restore the functionality of meridians and other parts of the subtle body.

The fourth wave is a universal wave that helps the physical body in the process of recovery from a vast number of different illnesses. It aids in the process of recovery of inner organs, removal of toxins, unwanted substances, tissues and other waste materials. It cleans and heals the body on the physical level.

The six mentioned waves allow for the human to become stronger mentally and physically. They add to the overall endurance, balance the nervous system, and allow the human to be of help not only to him/herself, but also to others.

The ability to increase the energetic potential is an integral part of Kosmoenergetica. The waves that are attuned to the human energy field are already by themselves greatly enhancing it. The people that practice Kosmoenergetica are positive, emit positive energy, and they attract attention and positivity from the surroundings. It shouldn’t be a surprise that these people will attract others, and that their opinions will be valued.

Despite speaking mostly about benefits related to human everyday life, Kosmoenergetica offers improvement not only in those areas of life, but it also allows for the person to realize their true nature of existence. It allows to see the reality in a deeper sense, to live not only in the world of matter, but also energy. This includes the development of creative self, intellectual self, and of course, the Soul.

The learning process of Kosmoenergetica does not include only the attunement into the waves, but also a vast amount of theory. The theory of how to work with energy, and the perception of energy – the ability to see it with one’s eyes and the ability to feel it with hands. Although the basic training doesn’t take that much time – only about two full days – the actual development within the new system and the mastery of it takes far longer.

Kosmoenergetica is known to be a system that is easy to grasp, but mastering it is more of a creative process that requires a lot of hard work. It is a difficult road, but extremely fascinating.

The decision to study Kosmoenergetica is the personal choice of each individual, which makes visible the true nature of reality, opening up new horizons to existence!

Text by Viktor Malistov

Translation by Victor Stepanchikov