In-depth training with the waves and the perception of energy processes

Any newcomer that has just been attuned into the basic waves instantly begins to think about the in-depth training with waves. Some people tend to postpone this type of training for long, while some immediately take action. Nevertheless, both categories of people will have certain difficulties with the process.

A wise teacher will always give a traditional approach of working with the waves, created by Vladimir A. Petrov. The in-depth training has its minor differences, but the main approach is always the same: to stand under the waves for 20 mins and to feel the physical sensations, the taste, the smell, to see the color of the wave and to hear its sound.

Simple enough, but how is this actually accomplished?

People stand with the waves open, they train, but the results are so insignificant that after a week or two, their interest drops. Then the feeling of worthlessness increases, and they end the training.

I personally know people that stood an hour and a half for weeks. As a result, they got so tired of the process that the whole Kosmoenergetica subject for them now is painful to talk about.

Where, how and why should this be done?

  1. Let’s start with the easiest – why do it?

Kosmoenergetica, as a system is a very powerful instrument for working with energy, health, various life events and much, much more. It is hard to imagine a situation where waves would be useless.

Being a user of programmed waves, and being the programmer himself – are two radically different things!

The goal of becoming a skilful healer, in my opinion, is no longer that popular. The goal is to learn to work with energy and energetic codes on the level of a programmer. The idea is to be able to work in a very subtle way, but to be able to make large impact with the most difficult energy processes.

The only way to do this is to go beyond the given working template. You must learn to work directly, without using crutches given by someone else. Even the best crutches out there cannot be compared to your own legs.

  1. How to do it?

As it has already been stated, you can train with waves for years with minimum effects. Because it is not enough to stand with an open/activated wave – you also must feel it.

But how can we feel and perceive what is beyond our perception?!

If I show you a piece of paper with a lot of random blobs, and tell you to show me a ferret, you will show me one. Because you know WHERE and WHAT to look for.

On the other hand, you don’t know WHERE to look for waves in order to perceive them. Then you give your mind a broad command to look for a color, and to listen to a sound. But you don’t have any details.

Because this command is logically empty, the mind quickly filters it out and goes on thinking about something more useful (work, children, money, relations, movies, etc.).

It is sad, but it is also natural to do so. Nobody is able to complete any task, if it is described in a vague way.

As a result, we need to decide what and how to perceive it.

Energy is a wave conductor. However, the primary source of emerging waves in human energy are the energy bodies. It is their edges, to be exact.

To be able to perceive information, we must first focus our attention on the carrier of that information. In the case of the waves, we need to focus on the edges of our cocoon.

For some people the phrase “widen your perception a meter away from your body on all sides” may sound simple and easily achievable. If you are one of these people, then it is quite easy for you to close your eyes and to widen your perception beyond the body (about 15, 30, 50 cm or 1 m – depending on the skills; maybe you can do it even more). You can then open up a wave and to try to feel what has changed in that area. Maybe you can tell apart some energetic process that has begun taking place.

In other words, to be able to feel the energetic process, you must widen your area of perception (widen the awareness beyond the body), and to focus on the feelings on the surrounding area.

To be able to perceive the visual, you must focus on the energy process, but keep your focus on the visual aspects of awareness.

In the context of wave training, when we take our awareness beyond the body, we focus on one of the energy body’s edges (at first, the one that can be felt the most, and later, the one where the wave is the most pronounced) and, alternating between the methods of perception, from tactile to visual, we focus on the energetic process happening on that edge.

To clarify:

Different spectrums and different methods of perception will have a different intensity and level of details. Nothing can be done about this – everyone’s ability to feel is developed on a different level. The scale of attunement for everyone is different, but with every attempt to intensify the focus on some energy process, your ability to perceive will become deeper. Only by trying to find the most effective method of perceiving any energy process, you will be able to find the optimal one. This means that you should be trying to perceive things in all ways at all times.

At first, it will be difficult to concentrate, and therefore you must be in a very peaceful setting. There will be a lot of distractions. But with time, as you get better, these distractions will not be noticed.

The human mind is not used to being focused on nothing, which is why you will need to work hard. Being able to focus on an area where nothing exists, is a very crucial skill.

So, for an effective training with the waves one must:

  • Widen the area of perception and take it beyond the body.
  • Feel the energy processes happening all around and on the edges of one’s field.
  • Focus the attention on a specific process.
  • Perceive and feel the chosen process (wave) in all possible ways.

When you have decided to focus on something, only you can decide whether to perceive it with your eyes, hands, nose, mouth or ears. Therefore, choose for yourself how you will alternate between the methods as you go.

Now, concerning those people that are not able to widen their perception beyond the body and to feel the area around them.

Don’t force yourself. Only slow and gradual, step by step approach will bring the needed results. Here are the steps necessary to make, depending on your current skills:

  1. With your eyes closed, place your palms in front of you, putting focus on one palm and then the other.
  2. With your eyes closed, feel both of your palms simultaneously, so that the attention wouldn’t bounce from one palm to the other (widen the attention onto both of them, do not separate it into two).
  3. While having your eyes closed and your attention on your palms, simultaneously, put your attention onto your feet. Don’t spread your attention into many different places, have it all in one piece, wide apart.
  4. Add to the attention of your palms and feet now your stomach and back.
  5. You must be able to learn to keep your attention as one large chunk, and not have it jumping around between smaller areas.

Before taking on the more difficult exercise, you must first train well with what you can. Don’t rush! Some may go straight to the last step, while some may be stuck in the beginning. Both are totally ok!

In order not to exhaust yourself, please make sure you take it slowly and in a relaxed manner. Only through relaxation will you be able to spread your attention effectively.

Only when you will be able to easily cover with attention your whole body, only then you can continue taking it beyond the borders of the body.

Every edge of a field is a border. If you will be able to feel the edge of the third field, then you are perceiving everything inside of it as well.

As a warning, anyone suffering from epilepsy, unstable mental health or any other type of psychological disorder, should refrain from practicing these techniques. Without proper care and supervision these techniques can harm you.

All of the described above techniques are done in a relaxed and peaceful state. Stress or a headache are both signs that you are getting ahead of yourself. Slow down and go one step back.

I wish you all the luck!

P.S. An attentive reader has probably noticed that in the given technique not a word was mentioned about the time frame of the practice. That is because quality is more important than the time spent practicing this technique.

Choose for yourself the amount of time that allows you to practice thoroughly. There is no need to spend the maximum amount of time and exhaust yourself. The approach should not be straining. Only this way the training will be fun and effective.