Human energy system is very complex and is easily influenced by external circumstances, inner feelings, thoughts and emotions.

In various circumstances, the human organism tries to adapt to new surroundings. It compensates for the things happening on the outside, but it also satisfies its own needs. Much of these actions happen without our awareness.

During childhood, the most effective types of adaptations are put into memory, and later in life repeated over and over. Many of these adaptations and behaviours are quite useless in the older age, but are nevertheless repeated. Because these do not bring the desired results, we may begin to feel that we are helpless or even lonely, causing us to feel even more emptiness.

In the long run, if the person does not learn to be productive in life, he will need to live with what he has, and therefore will look for ways to compensate for these feelings of dissatisfaction.

There is no need to talk about behavioural mechanisms or about various inner emotions, since there is a lot of literature written on the topics. Our topic at this point is the energetic manifestation of different adaptations that can be harmful to health or the quality of life of others.

One of the most common types of occurrences in the lives of humans, in the context of the energy system, is the creation of “hooks”.

An energetic hook, or simply hook, is a structure, formed in the energy system of a human being, which creates a strong connection with something external. Something external can be a real physical object, but it can also be something that has never existed. It may be something a person has created in their mind and then projected onto the real world.

Moreover, a hook can be created by the person him or herself, but can also be placed on them by someone else, usually with harmful intentions (spells, manipulations, brainwashing, vampirism, etc.).

In the beginning, we talked about adapting to the external world. The most common reason for having a hook is the result of having approached some problem in life incorrectly. These types of hooks are the most difficult to fix when harmonizing the entire energy system. And on the contrary, hooks placed from the outside are very easily removed. However, destructive external programs are discussed in another chapter.

What are hooks and how are they created

Every living organism and every energy system has the potential to come into an energetic contact with other energy systems. This happens because of the attention that is focused onto the external energy system, and the reaction of our energy towards this attention.

In other words, we create an energetic contact whenever we we feel a resonance with something external. The feelings from such a contact can be both, positive and negative.

A resonance with the external, perceived as negative, creates in us the sense of rejection. We may feel like freezing or making rigid that part of the system that came into this resonance. This is, by the way, another way to adapt to situations where a part of our system has come into contact with something “dangerous” or unpleasant.

When we have a positive contact, a resonance with the external, we get a pleasant feeling and aim to prolong this contact. This illustrates how an energetic connection is created. The connection can happen on the level of some energy center(s), but can also encompass the whole system.

Vivid examples: the connection between a mother and a child, connection between loved ones, between people that are like-minded. Visually this connection looks like a beam of light, coming out of an energy center and pointing outwards, or like a “pipe” leaving the energy cocoon and reaching out to some other energy system. This is a completely normal phenomenon. For people with auric vision this looks like a bright beam with a pleasant colour.

The difficulties arise when the person becomes addicted to this contact, when the person can’t, is not ready or does not want to lose this connection. Under these conditions, because of the inner intentions, this pipe thickens, becomes harder, loses its elasticity and finally becomes like a leash tied to the person.

This leash is what we call a hook. The happy owner of this new energetic structure is tied with some part of their energetic body to something else, of which they do not want to let go of.

When working with such cases, many difficulties arise. From the perspective of energy, it is not difficult to remove a hook. There are many ways to do it, such as pulling the information that creates the hook onto something physical (paper, in case of write-off) or simply burning it off. However, because this pipe was created by the person himself, using their intellect and emotions, this makes the task a lot more difficult. In case of removal, nobody in this world can prevent the person from recreating it.

Therefore, it is very important to understand the psychological aspect of creating hooks, and then to see the nuances of each particular case. If the person does not understand how they are creating the hook, then they will not be able to stop themselves from recreating it. On the other hand, even if the cause is known, but there is no alternative to this way of thinking, the process will repeat itself no matter what. Only clear understanding of the situation and a given alternative will bring positive results.

Identifying the psychological causes for the creation of hooks

As already mentioned, hooks are always made as a reaction to contact that we are afraid or don’t want to lose. Usually, this contact creates a sense of protection, being desired, sense of control, a sense that we have some special role, or it simply enriches us energetically.

We need to understand what the person is getting out of this contact and what are they scared to lose.

Hooks attached to deceased people

These are usually formed on the level of the first energy center. They are formed when we as a living organism cannot imagine a life without someone. For example, when we lose our parents, we subconsciously fear that in case of danger nobody will be there to protect us. The same can happen if a very close person dies, such as a husband or wife.

Hooks attached to the second energy center

This often has something to do with our sexual life. For example, when we cannot imagine ourselves with anyone else, other than the person to whom the hook is aimed at. And if the hook is attached from the back side, then we are constantly thinking of some sexual experience in the past that we think was amazing, and that we would want to experience again no matter what.

Hooks attached to the third energy center

This hook relates to our social status, to our confidence and our role. A hook on this level indicates that we are looking for acceptance for our actions or our social position from some particular person. Also it may indicate that we are afraid of losing our social status in the case that it is dependant on someone else.

Hooks attached to the fourth energy center

Usually caused by the inability to feel comfortable without someone else on the level of emotions, through the feeling of love. A hook on the front shows that there is someone whom we want to be with. A hook at the back shows the inability to let go of past loving emotions. There is the desire to re-experience them over and over. Also, hooks on this level may be caused by the sense of guilt, the feeling of wanting to give something to someone based on real or made up losses.

Hooks attached to the fifth energy center and higher are not so common.

Hooks on the level of the fifth energy center may be caused by the disability to engage in self-actualization without the help or acceptance of others. A person may be looking to find someone to cooperate with in order to be able to grow artistically and intellectually.

Hooks attached to the sixth and seventh energy centers are formed on their own very rarely.

Usually this is a connection coming from the outside, with the purpose of controlling one’s emotions or consciousness by some other people or energetic entities. However, if one is to try creating a telepathic connection with something that either does not exist or cannot be connected with, a hook on the level of the head may be formed as well. Nevertheless, this phenomenon is only found within the esoteric community – “normal” people don’t suffer from this.

So, the purpose of any hook is to create a fixated connection with something, without which the person cannot imagine living. It is the attempt to fill in one’s own “emptiness”, to compensate for some weakness.

Hooks always negatively influence one’s energy system. They affect the natural flow of energy, are in the way of adequate energy processes. They suck out energy from a specific area, and therefore prevent certain energy structures and organs to receive the right amount of energy.

Hooks are not only to be removed energetically, but also psychologically. This is important in order to see where the hook is coming from and how to prevent it from reappearing in the future.

In order to overcome the problem psychologically, the person must understand:

  • What does he feel towards that area of life, which is linked to the corresponding energy center and that is in danger of forming new hooks.
  • How does he feel himself in that area of life.
  • What is he afraid of letting go of, and how is he afraid of feeling.
  • What can he not make use of in his life, what is he looking for from somewhere else.
  • How can he give freedom to his own potential.

After the answers have been found, it is important for the person to let go of that thing, and then allow the energy system to work independently.

Not always this is easy, since people have to face their fears and suppressed emotions, and then they have to experience those states, from which they were trying to escape in first place. However, this must be done, since it is that running away from fears that eventually causes hooks to form.

If the person is able to accomplish this, then they will see that everything necessary for life is already found within them. Space will free up that previously was encapsulated, and the person will be able to live without inner pressure.

In this case, the hook will be removed from both, the outside and the inside. The person will be able to adapt to external circumstances more effectively, and their personality will be complete.

In conclusion, any formed hook in its core comes with a positive intention, but the approach of reaching the goal is incorrectly chosen, even harmfully. That is why it is important to find the positive intention that the person was trying to reach through the hook. It is important to understand how he accomplished this and then to make him stop doing this by finding a more effective and harmless, to their energy, approach.