We are happy to see you on the homepage of our project “Horizon of Consciousness”.

The Horizon of Consciousness is a project that contains the totality of the most effective psychological methods, energetical and esoteric techniques, as well as methods of working with the consciousness. This way, anyone, who is interested his/her own development, can most efficiently develop themselves in a complete manner.

For the sake of improving the practicality of the project, there is a constant research going on of new, previously unknown practices. It is a combination of modern-day psychology with the practices of ancient traditions. This allows for new approaches towards self-development to emerge.

We are not in support of any particular religious beliefs, but rather of positive self-development.

What it means for us:

  • Increasing the level of awareness, inner harmony and mind
  • Increasing the level of energy and the ability to control it
  • Ability to perceive energetic processes, to influence them positively
  • The ability to diagnose physical diseases, the ability to effectively aid in recovery
  • Acquisition of skills to influence personal life events, harmonize them and to influence social events

In other words, we are looking for ways to make our life more harmonious and fulfilling, we teach this.

Our project incorporates:

  • School of Classical Kosmoenergetica of V.A. Petrov
  • School of Classical Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki
  • Webinars dedicated to the development of abilities and skills
  • Expeditions to Regions of Power, allowing you to learn how to interact with the energies of the universe