Energetic vision

Anyone that has decided to learn the methods of healing, working with energies or some other esoteric practices, almost certainly comes across the idea that it would be good to learn to see energies with their own eyes. The aura, energy in space, the energy flows located in special regions of power, spirits and entities – all of this will greatly improve the efficiency of any practice!

It’s true, energetic vision is necessary for serious work with energies. Sensation, tactile perception and intuition – all great, but not interactive. Seeing things with the eyes, on the other hand, is a whole different story.

Good for those that have been able to see energies with their eyes since birth or have acquired this skill as a result of some experience. But we don’t have this skill, so what can we do?

Obviously, we shouldn’t be jealous of those lucky people who got the ability without any difficulties. Instead, we must prepare to reach it on our own, through hard work and practice!

In this article, we will describe the most suitable, effective and absolutely harmless (taking into account the mental health of the practitioner) method of developing energetic vision. We will discuss all the difficulties on the way to mastering this ability and we will learn how to overcome these difficulties.

The three obstacle dragons and how to overcome them

There will be three things on our way:

  1. The doubt that we will succeed

There is not a single person who cannot see energy with their eyes (provided that they are not blind). All who once decided to see and got the instructions how to do this, already see! Statistics show one hundred percent. Therefore, the probability of you being the only exception out of thousands of people, looks absurd.

However, there is a dragon on the way that won’t even allow you get on the right path! And its name is “Anyone, but me”.

Remember! Everyone can see. Absolutely everyone. Even you!

Therefore, the first “spell” from the first “dragon” is the following: “I can see the energies. I have energetic vision. This is my ability from birth and no one can take it away from me!”

The spell must be repeated whenever the first “dragon” appears on the horizon.

  1. Lack of systematic practice, postponing the exercise for later.

This is the second dragon and its name is “Not now”. In some tribes they call it “I’ll start after …” or “It’s never too late…” There are also other names. It’s difficult to list all of them. This dragon is the strongest though.

But there’s an antidote from this one as well! The mantra is “Take a moment to practice energetic vision right now!!!”

Like any mantra, the more often you say it, the stronger it gets. It can be written on stickers and put anywhere where the second dragon may await for you. On the computer, on the refrigerator, on the inside of the restroom door – everywhere! Each time you chant the mantra, it scares the dragon away! But it’s necessary to say it with emotion.

  1. Devaluing your own experience, crossing over all of the achievements.

This dragon is very sneaky! It cannot deprive you of what you have already achieved, but it can persuade you to do it yourself!

If you were to wash gold, it would say: “So what, a small shiny object… it’s not worth anything, you will not become rich with it, throw it away! Your should rather find a huge ingot! Huge ingots are a rarity, but from grains you can collect a decent wealth only if you save and protect each one.”

You shouldn’t think that in the development of energetic vision, you will immediately begin to see everything in bright colors, neon glow and with clear outlines. This expectation is rather naive, and although it stimulates and motivates, it sometimes can contribute to the fact that you will deny the smaller achievements.

And instead of developing, nurturing and strengthening the smaller success, the third dragon will push you to deny them and to devalue them.

This dragon is very sneaky!

The only phrase that can help you is “Today I saw something that I have not seen before! And tomorrow, I’ll see what I do not see today … Eventually my vision will be perfect!”

True instruction

Now that we have secured ourselves in advance from all possible obstacles, we can proceed to the instructions of how to acquire energetic vision.

The only noteworthy way to see energies is to start looking at them before you start seeing them!

Where do energies hide

At the very beginning, it is recommended to look at the energy around your own palm. For this practice any background of any one color is suitable.

Stage one. Place or stretch the arm in such a way that it is at a distance of more than 30-40 centimeters from your eyes and that there is a plain background behind it. Then start looking with an unfocused look at the space around the palm.

Important! Your look should be unfocused, as if you are looking into the void, but your attention should be focused. It is not difficult, but at the beginning of the practice it is rather unusual, since our pupils are used to focus on the same thing that our attention is directed to. Deceive them, look into the void with an unfocused gaze, and let your attention be focused on the area around the palm at a distance of 3-5 centimeters.

The eyes can get tired. Do not torture them, rest, relax, blink. Keep your eyes closed during breaks to allow them to adapt. It is impossible to not start to see the outline of the first energy body, which is often called “ethereal”. It is only a matter of time. Maybe it will take 1 day or maybe a week, although on average it takes 2-3 days of training.

At first, the vision of energy will be “flickering”. You will see a haze around your hand, after which you will blink and it will disappear. And then you will probably wonder: “Is it a hallucination?” It is not a hallucination. Your eyes are simply not yet accustomed to this vision and quickly lose the correct grip on perception. Continue training, and the vision will become stable and clear.

When everything will become stable with the palm, go to the next, second stage: start looking at your hand in the wrist area in exactly the same way. Only now, your task is energy at a distance of 10-15 centimeters from the surface of the skin. Here everything will be exactly the same.

Pay attention to the frequency and duration of training. The formula is simple: the maximum number of times a day, for 5-10 minutes. The duration of training can be longer, provided that you feel well and feel good about practicing more.

Do not exhaust your eyes – they need rest. Do not force yourself. The training should be fun and with a positive feel. If the mood is negative, you are tired and irritated, it is recommended to move the practice to another time.

The main thing is the frequency of practice, not the duration. Even if you are aware and practice with a positive mindset, many times a day, for 1-2 minutes, there will be a result.

So, you now can see the energy field at a distance of 10-15 centimeters from the hand. This is a serious achievement, even though you do not distinguish colors, but only a whitish haze. This is a reason to celebrate and to note that you are on the right path!

We get to the third stage. In any place, when you are not busy with something very important and you are close to people, start looking at the space around their head. Just make sure that it does not look too weird for others from the side. As before, your vision is completely relaxed and unfocused, while attention, on the contrary, is very focused.

It is convenient to do this in the metro, in a fixed-route taxi, in public transport, in queues, in restaurants, etc. Anywhere, where there is the possibility.

A person should not be too far away from you, ideally it is 3-4 meters. And you, looking at them, will begin to see a glow around their head. When you see this, try to see the structure of the glow. Instead of a blurry spot of light, you may see very interesting patterns.

Here we’ll make a stop. When you start to see the energy of a person, your psyche acquires an experience that it has never had and which completely differs from what it has experienced previously.

You can know the detailed structure of the energy of a person with the mind, but your psyche, which is based on experience, knows that a person is made of meat, bones and blood.

The perception of energy and energy structures will almost certainly cause mixed feelings at the first. On the one hand, it’s great, because you have been wanting this. On the other hand, you can experience a feeling of discomfort, anxiety and even a mild panic. Your world view, not intellectual, but mental has experienced the collapse of old models.

If this happens, do not be scared, you are not going crazy! It’s just necessary to stop practice at this point and to let yourself “digest” the new experience. When you feel ready, continue the practice, and everything will go smoothly.

It is advisable not to take breaks in practice for more than 1-2 days. Eyes quickly lose their skills, especially if the skills did not have time to gain a foothold. Therefore, during the month, you need to practice every day, several times.

So, now you can continue to look at greater distances from the body, periodically reinforcing the already existing skill to see energy close to the body.

Now, let’s talk about the color of energy. To see the energy structures and see the colors of energy, are two different things.

There are people who see colors, but these colors are just like paint stains, not structured in any way. And then there are the other people who see structures, but they are all equally whitish, only with different density.

We will not be like that! We will see both, structures and colors!

When you have began to see the energy shells, the energy structures above the head in people (as well as emerging from other parts of the body or located outside of the body), we begin to train the color perception.

Looking at some energy “object”, we make an internal feeling, as if it has a color, except the shade is very weak. All we have to do is to look more closely to understand what this shade is!

And the shade really starts to be noticeable. After that, we move on to some other energy “object” (for example, more distant from the body) and gaze at its hue.

We must be absolutely sure that there is a shade, and that we only need to really see it. Paying attention to the color components, we train the perception of color. When the shades of colors are already seen quite well, we begin to see these colors as is they are more dense.

Imagine that a drop of paint was dissolved in a bucket of water. Water will acquire a shade, but it will still be transparent. However, if you bring a drop under a microscope and look at the coloring particles, the color will be quite clear and “dense”.

In the same way, when we look more closely, we begin to see the structures in colors.

Additional help

Now a couple of good tips that simplify the task.


  1. In order not to get too tired of this practice, we recommend to look at the energy of animals, trees and even objects (which also have an energy). You should be pushed forward by curiosity. Your practice should become entertainment and a play.
  1. Share your success with those who are able to understand your achievements! This consolidates the experience, gives strength, and in case you share the results with more experienced practitioners, you will most likely hear a story about their successes as well. You may then feel something in common with them and maybe even hear a new idea you haven’t thought of. It is useful to share the results. It only improves your practice.
  1. It is advisable to get a notebook. Each page can be divided into three equal parts, where each part will be 1 day. Every time you practice, make a check in the appropriate field. At the end of the day, count the number of checks, and in the remaining empty space of the field make a short summary. For example: “5 times, I see a haze at about 10 cm away from my hand” or “4 times, but I saw a brighter color”.

This will help you not to go astray, to see a qualitative increase and to track the frequency of your practice.

  1. When you learn to see, do not forget that there are structures in the energy that you do not know about, which you did not look for and therefore do not see. Start looking in the energy of people for things that you have not seen before.
  1. You already see the energy, colors and most structures. Isn’t it enough? No. Remember, any ability is weakened if it is unused. At least once a week, go over everything that you have learned. Teaching yourself to see anew takes a lot longer and is more energy-consuming than not letting your seeing ability to fade away.

Good luck to you. Let your abilities develop for the benefit of you and the whole world!